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    High-level crisis media management.
    Strategic planning and execution.

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    Brian MacLaurin

    Journalist and broadcaster.
    Unrivalled ability to second guess story development

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Industry Recognised

Brian MacLaurin’s deep understanding of the ways of the media world comes from a career in journalism and broadcasting. This unrivalled ability to second guess story development gives the client an advantage and keeps them one step ahead enabling thoughtful campaign planning and implementation.

Industry Awarded

MacLaurin advised hundreds of clients during some of the highest profile media stories over the past two decades, from the world of entertainment, business, and sport as well as advising major brands and leading organisations. .

Brian MacLaurin

A journalist and broadcaster who founded the MacLaurin PR brand more than 20 years ago, the agency offers an insight into how the media will play an issue and provides its clients with a strategic plan to secure the best possible outcome.

Often working with a legal team or other advisors, we work for high profile people as well as companies and organisations, products and brands.

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Industry Specialist

A specialist strategic media consultancy focusing on high-level crisis management helping clients’ deal with unwanted media issues. We identify the issues that will be faced, developing a clear strategy to secure the best possible media outcome for the client.


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